I’m loving facial coding in Qual

I’ve just discovered something really exciting: FACIAL RECOGNITION software for QUALITATIVE. It has just been introduced this week. It’s being demo’d at CASRO in Chicago next week (I’m going — anyone else?).

This takes “dial” technology that I’ve used for years to a new level … it recognizes the “microbursts” of emotion that people exhibit unknowingly and translates it into reports like what we’ve gotten from dial technology. But it does it without the respondent having to cognitively turn a dial and interrupt thought processes, and perhaps self-censor while doing so. It’s a wonderful technique for probing responses and in the aggregate can provide a meaningful, visual reporting tool.

At the present time, this capability is available for use in facilities only; it being perfected for use online. They claim it’s best for IDIs. I think it would be terrific for the 20-minute IDIs we do when we explore reactions to advertising.

I’d love to talk to you more about how we can possibly apply this to one of your projects.