Created in 1982, Bernstein Research Group, Incorporated is a full-service qualitative research organization dedicated to the application of marketing principles to uniquely-designed research projects.

Focus groups? Mini-groups or triads? Ethnography? Usability testing? Car clinics? Cooking demos? We’ve handled them all. Want to talk to moms of infants or adults facing retirement? High net worth individuals or those facing financial crisis? Comic book aficionados, world travelers, coffee connoisseurs or doctors? We're comfortable talking to almost anyone about anything.

Bernstein Research Group brings a wealth of strategic insight and executional innovation to each project. We take pride in the following hallmarks of our business:
  • "Quick Study" Professionals. Years of experience in marketing, advertising and research enables us to rapidly understand your business problems and put them into perspective. This insight helps us design actionable research while identifying and pursuing critical issues during the interview process.

  • Objectives-Driven Design. Each research project is unique. Your statement of objectives is a key touchpoint throughout the process, driving research design, respondent selection, group tasks, and actionable reporting.

  • Energy and Enthusiasm. Our sessions are characterized as high energy and involving. Fun, stimulating sessions incorporate specialized techniques such as projectives, sorts, mind mapping, picture taking, letter writing that are both involving for respondents and productive for Clients.

  • Tapped into Technology. Videoconferencing? The use of Perception Analyzers in groups? We helped pioneer the use of some of these in qualitative research and will be happy to share our experience and perspective with you.

  • Planning, planning and more planning. In every project, sensitivity to your business needs is paramount. The "i's" are dotted and the "t's" are crossed in planning for each individual project. Designing appropriate pre-group exercises, orchestrating product pick-up or delivery, or engineering product displays are just the beginning of what we do to meet your objectives.

Services We Provide

Research design
Advertising Development
Communications Checks
Competitive Insights
Customer Satisfaction
Employee Satisfaction
New Product Development
Product Positioning
Focus Groups
One-on-One Interviews
Videoconferenced Groups
Online Gorups